Links to videos for P1 played during lunch time

1.     Please make sure students are all sitting in their own seat before you start.

2.     They should try to follow to sing or read.

3.     They should behave themselves.

4.     Teachers please beware of the advertisement shown on the video.

5.     Please take note that some videos are only few minutes long but some are over 30 minutes (manage where to stop ^_^).

6.     You are more than welcome to add video links to this list.


ABC (30 minsutes)


123 (32 minutes)


Colour (33 minutes)


Shapes (35 minutes)


Calendar (2:30 minutes)


Time (2:28 minutes)


Animal (2:41 minutes)


Christmas ABC (3:20 minutes)


In, On, Under (3:47 minutes)


Clothing (6:09 minutes)


Apples are yummy (2:32 minutes)


Jobs (6:29 minutes)


Shapes Halloween (3:21 minutes)


Fruits (3:30 minutes)


Saturday Morning Cartoons (31 minutes)